History of FMAP

Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd (FMAL) was established to provide support, sales and marketing to the entire Asia Pacific region in 1986. Since then FMAL has fast become one of Asia’s major players in the Microelectronics and Flat Panel Display (TFT-LCD) industries, by focusing on the specific needs of this demanding market.

FMAL leads the field in innovation and distribution with support capabilities including ASIC Design Centres in the bustling international hub of Singapore as well as in Shenzhen, Application Labs in Singapore and Shanghai, and the MCU/Flash/System Design Centre in Hong Kong’s cutting edge research and development environment.

Strategically established on the customers’ doorsteps in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India and China, our growing team of skilled engineers and marketers forms the regional network that makes Asia Pacific’s business possibilities truly infinite.

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